do you remember when you 1st got saved?

Do you remember what it was like when you first gave your life to Jesus? Some people described feeling like a huge weight fell off of their shoulders. I remember seeing angels that night: seriously. I knew something had just changed. And my life has never been the same since.

This is why your financial gifts of support are so vital. When you give to assist in my work, you are helping me to connect thousands of others to the saving power of Jesus Christ. It's no longer just 'my' work: it becomes 'our' work! And together we will share in the priceless rewards of turning sinners away from sin and onto the path of righteousness.

Everyone isn't called to do what I'm doing. But anyone can partner with me and partake in the eternal rewards of bringing the joy of salvation to so many others.

Please give towards this effort today. We've only just begun to reach the multitudes. The best is yet to come. And when we stand before Jesus in His kingdom I hope you'll be standing next to me, beaming with holy pride and joy as we look over the multitudes who came to the Lord through our efforts.

Use the button below to give. And thanks for being partners with me in the greatest work on earth! God bless.

—MACK MAJOR; Author of best selling ebooks DIVA GODDESS QUEEN and HEDONISM is brought to you by: Copyright © 2013-2018 Eden Decoded Incorporated. All rights reserved.